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Me with my camera on the Essequibo river
Me with my camera on the Essequibo river


I maintain a blog, Guianensis, that hosts my writing. I have also written articles related to research and mental health for various outlets.

  • Indigenous knowledge, lands, and rights. Stabroek News: 4th September, 2022.
    • This article I wrote for a Guyanese newspaper in 2022 is an account of personal and professional experiences that highlight issues of Indigenous issues, highlighting needs for inclusivity at for productive discourse in Guyana.
  • On Anxitey: My Journey Within. Stabroek News: 26th January, 2020.
    • This article I wrote for a Guyanese newspaper in 2020 details my history with getting diagnosed with anxiety, doing therapy, getting prescribed medication, and my reflections on the state of mental health stigma in Guyana.
  • The trade in seed-finches from the Guianas: Can a diaspora fuel an international trade?. Trading Ideas: 22nd November,2018. Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford. Oxford, UK.
    • This article (co-authored by Dr. Brian O’Shea) provides an overview of bird racing, a cultural activity found in the Guianas and southern Caribbean. It has been exported to the US and Canada with Guyanese emigration, bringing with it, a valuable wildlife trade.
  • Iwokrama, The Green Heart of Guyana: Where Images and Stories are Waiting to be Told. Explore Guyana: 2019. Guyana Tourism Authority. Georgetown Guyana.
    • This fun article in the Government of Guyana’s Guyana Tourism Authority’s official magazine explores the Iwokrama rainforest as a photographer’s paradise.
  • Guide to the Birds of Iwokrama. Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development: 2018. Georgetown, Guyana.
    • This is a short guide to the birds of the Iwokrama forest intended for guests with limited birding experience.

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My photography has been featured in local gallery exhibitions, as well as newspaper, and other media (print and online), articles. I have worked as a photographer for many projects and organizations, and my photography has become an important part of my work and skillset.

Photography features:



Photography portfolio

My portfolio is available, and is currently being populated. I also post much of my work to my Instagram page


I have filmed and edited two short documentaries about research and conservation in the Guianas. A few of them are hosted on my Youtube channel. They are embedded below:

Birds in a Changing Forest

Iwokrama: Celebrating 20 Years

I have also produced various short films, including a short series of videos about the mammals of Guyana for Panthera Guyana. Another video shot in Iwokrama is hosted on the Iwokrama Youtube page:

Monitoring with Micah Davis-Head ranger at Iwokrama